Delicious Keto Desserts You Must Try

The keto diet is a low carb, adequate protein and high fat diet. The main purpose of this is to lose weight by shifting your body’s process in obtaining more calories from fat and protein rather than from carbohydrates. Decreasing your carb intake is an easy and effective way in losing extra pounds that’s why many people try to incorporate this diet into their lifestyle.

While minimizing carb intake might not be that challenging to some, there are others who find it really challenging especially if their cravings kick in. Many of the desserts and treats we used to love and enjoy are not allowed in a keto diet, making it difficult for some. However, there are actually some desserts that you could enjoy even when you’re following a keto diet. Satisfy your sweet tooth by trying out these delicious keto desserts.

Keto Fluffy Chocolate Mousse

This is probably the easiest dessert you could make at home. All you need is heavy whipping cream, low-carb sweetener, cocoa powder, and a cup of keto chocolate chunks to prepare this dessert. Whip the cream and slowly add sweetener, cocoa powder, and chocolate chunks then whisk until it is frothy and smooth. You can also add some extra flavour by adding crushed nuts or even a teaspoon of espresso powder for a unique taste.

Keto Coco Bars

Chocolate and coconut are one of the best flavour combos when it comes to desserts and you could still enjoy the goodness of these two even when you’re on a keto diet. Keto coconut bars are easy to make and would really make a nutritious dessert and snack as well. Mix together some melted chocolate, nut butter, and a teaspoon of coconut oil until it is smooth. You could then use this to coat shredded coconut bars to complete the recipe.

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake

You could still enjoy your favourite cheesecake even when you go keto. All you need for this recipe are cream cheese, almond flour, butter, and fresh strawberries to recreate a healthy and sweet treat for your dessert cravings. You could even use other berries if you prefer or a mixture of different ones for a unique taste. As long as it doesn’t have a pinch of sugar, you’re good to go.

Keto Cookie Dough Balls

Cookie dough balls give a unique kind of satisfaction to the taste buds. To make keto cookie dough balls, you need to combine together some almond flour, oats, peanut butter, and zero calories sweetener. Mix them together until you achieve a uniform smooth texture. Shape the dough into small balls and add some chocolate chips for garnishing. Both kids and adults would definitely love this dessert, even if they aren’t on a keto diet.

You don’t have to give up the enjoyment you could get from eating desserts and sweets when you’ve switched to a keto diet. With these low carb yet delicious desserts, you can definitely satisfy the cravings of your sweet tooth without breaking your diet.