Why Croydon Is the Best Place for Your Date Night

We can all agree on the significance of ‘date night’, either it’s your first date or your fiftieth, it will always be something that requires impressive organizing. As time passes, impressing your date and making them feel happy has become a task that needs a little more effort and attention to detail than it used to be.

So how does one make even the most casual date night feel like an extravagant series of moments? Let me break it down to you. For a magical date night, there are a few key elements to perfect, don’t panic though, they aren’t as sophisticated as I just made it sound. It always comes down to, the location, mode of travel and the food (well, obviously)

Why Croydon?

A top suggestion this month for a date night hot spot would be Croydon, due to the beautiful location and the amazing concept of a perfect restaurant Croydon effortlessly manages to deliver.

The Location

Located in the suburbs of the one and only beautiful Melbourne, it was originally a part of the shire of Lilly dale until 1971, when it was proclaimed a city on its own. Currently, the night life in Croydon is spectacular with a wide range of karaoke bars and amazing restaurants and dine ins. Another important fact about Croydon is he Maroondah festival that recurred for almost 30 years- where the residents in the suburbs join at the Croydon central park to celebrate.

The Food

Restaurants in Croydon tend to always be buzzing with delighted customers. Feel free to browse the web for reviews posted by these satisfied customers to keep your mind at ease. The restaurants will definitely live up to their reputation and will not fail to deliver. So, about the food and drinks-they usually have a full bar, so getting the cocktail or drink just the way your date prefers is no problem-O. Although you are most welcome at any time of the day, I would highly recommend booking a table for you and your beloved so you could dive right into the business when you get there.

Famous dishes in Croydon restaurants include mouth-watering steak, well-cooked pasta, and also their unique and carefully crafted rib eye fillet. The passionate chefs cook and season your meal with great effort to make your taste buds tingle with joy because a happy tummy is an even happier mood, am I right?

The Mode of Travel

With the time taken to travel from Melbourne, Victoria to Croydon being only a mere half an hour or so, leaving too early is not necessary. To make things extra romantic you can always play some good music to get the both of you in the mood until you get to the restaurant to begin the night off. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you could always go for an Uber, which is also equally romantic as long as neither of you has a habit of always wanting a shotgun.

If you have come this far, it means you have mastered the art of making your beloved feel as great as they deserve to be, which would most definitely in turn make you feel great, in many ways (if you know what I mean).