5 Reasons Why the Coconut Tree Is the Tree Of Life

Not all countries think of the coconut tree as the “Tree of Life”. And this may be because they haven’t realized or discovered its many uses, unlike some others who have truly used it to the fullest. This coconut tree has been labelled as so because all of it, and I mean, ALL of it can be extracted, produced and used for a definite and purposeful reason. From down under the earth to its tip with leaves swaying back and forth with the breeze, it can be put to good use. So, to elaborate on that, here are the 5 reasons why the Coconut Tree is the “Tree of Life”.

Don’t Forget Your Roots

The old folks always tell us to not forget about our roots, or in layman’s term saying that you shouldn’t forget where you came from. That is also the case for the coconut tree. If you want to know why it was dubbed as the tree of life, you need to start on its roots. Yes, it’s roots. A coconut tree’s roots are famously used in indigenous or heavily cultural regions as a raw material for fabric dye. It has been used so heavily in the past as a source of adding colour to clothes and still is now.

It’s Always about the Body

Like any other tree, the coconut tree’s body or trunk is used as a source for wood or lumber. And in some countries, this is heavily used most especially in construction. It is used as the frame for houses or even as scaffolds when building. The coconut tree is easy to grow. Its lumber is relatively cheaper compared to others. That’s what makes it a very popular choice.

The Round Source of Sustenance

The coconut is a famous produce, most especially in the tropical areas as it is used as a source of food and juice. The coconut meat, as it is properly called, is a sweet and decadent treat. It even is about enough to keep you alive if ever you were deserted on an island with an abundance of coconut trees. And so is the coconut water. This juice is not only refreshing but also very healthy.

A Versatile Shell

The coconut shell or husk is not something you should immediately throw away after consuming all the inside goods. It can actually be used for something else. Dry it out under the sun, and you have your very own coal or fuel. Yes, this is another great survival tip. And also a bit of culinary. Some locals say that cooking using a coconut husk gives the food more flavour. It’s worth having a go to really prove it.

Just Keep Swaying

The ever gentle swaying iconic-shaped leaves of the coconut tree are more than just a source for shade. In some tropical areas, it is actually used as roofs for houses. And is actually a great material, of course, only in normal weather conditions. Coconut leaves keep the sun out and also keep raindrops coming in because of their perfect natural shape and design. Now that’s really something.