Tips To Help Land Your Very First Coffee Job

Once you have touched upon all the basics that you will need to become a coffee expert, you will still need to look at getting the right hands-on experience that can take you one step further. Experience is really important in every profession and just like anything else, it is that first bit of getting your foot in the door that is the most challenging. There is no lack of coffee makers in the world today and that is one of the biggest reasons why you need to up your game. So here are some tips that will help you land your very first job at a coffee joint easily.

Establish Yourself As A Regular

Did you know that coffee shop owners prefer to hire their customers? This is really good news. Pick a coffee shop that you are genuinely interested in working at some day and visit them regularly. Place your orders and get to know the staff there. After some time, let them know that you too have your barista courses in place and that you would love to work with them. When and if a position is available, you can guarantee that they will let you know about it without fail.

Become A Cashier

Getting hired as a busser or a cashier at a coffee shop will not need experience. Therefore, what you can do is actually apply for one of these positions and then work your way up the ladder from that point on. Because it does not need experience, you can have some level of certainty that you can actually get the job.

Offer Your Services For Free

If there is a coffee shop that you are in absolute love with and they definitely want their coffee experts to have experience, offer to work there for free a few days of the week. That way the establishment does not have to pay somebody without experience for the work and it will also go a long way to show them that you have the passion and the dedication that it takes to make sure that you establish yourself in the field. That in itself is a huge opening for you.

Look For Positions That Do Not Ask For Experience

If you are a bit more flexible and willing to hunt around for jobs and not stick to that one place that you absolutely need to work in no matter what, read the listings carefully and go through the required sections. There are many local coffee shops that are willing to provide applicants with on the job training and do not ask for experience as well. You can apply to one of these and get your very first job. These are some of the basic ways in which you can start off on your dream career easily. You will need to do a bit of looking around and being patient but that is a given no matter what industry you are looking to get into. So make a great looking resume and keep applying.