Traditional Soul Food You Must Try When In Australia

Every country in the world has that one range of soul food that is firmly cemented in their traditions. These are the kinds of food that a local would need to have tasted to say that they are from that country. It is the same for Australia. With a wide range of culinary delights that are diverse and as tasteful as the next thing, some of this traditional soul food are items that are served hot while others can be just bought off by the packet at any store and enjoyed as a snack or on the go. They all have one thing in common. You cannot miss out on any of these, while you are in the land of the kangaroos.

The Chiko Roll

Australia has had a loyal and unwavering love affair with the simple and unique Chiko Roll since 1951. The dish made its maiden appearance at the Wagga Wagga Agricultural Show and Frank McEnroe, when a boilermaker from Victoria invented it. The snack is essentially stuffed full of cabbage, carrots and onions along with tender beef. The aim of the snack was to make it an on the go easy and filling dish that could be held in one hand while carrying a mug of cold beer in the other at the many football matches. Even though it’s called a Chiko Roll, it really has no chicken in it at all and it is said to have been inspired by the much smaller and lighter Chinese spring roll.

The Great Australian Meat Pie

The meat pie is something that is a culturally iconic food in Australia even though the origins of the food itself lie well beyond the borders of the continent. It is something that goes beyond a tasty meal and holds a special place of love and pride in the hearts of Australians of all ages. The meat pie was said to have been first sold off street carts in the early colonial era. If you have ever heard of the famous Flying Pieman who also performed fabled athletic feats that is where these pies came into being. Today, they can be found almost anywhere from restaurants delacombe to canteens in sports clubs and bakeries that whip up gourmet wonders. The flaky and crunchy pastry casing is stuffed full of meat and gravy is also the crowning jewel of the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition that is a national event up to date since it first began in 1990.


In the 1950s, Streets Ice Cream introduced the Splice that even had their very own cult-like following in the country. The ice cream is leaning heavily away from conventions with a coating that is fruit-flavored. It is now a mandatory and integral component of the summers and the country’s strong beach culture scene. The icicle came first in the pine and lime flavour and a raspberry version was added a bit later. It is up to date soul food that leaves you refreshed and just craving for more and is truly something that you cannot miss out on while in Australia.