Best Diners To Visit From Around The World

The world has so much to offer. Different cultures, traditions, food, flavorings and many different sorts of unique things to experience. One of the most common things that stand out are, food. Food is basically something that anyone enjoys and can easily related to. It manages to bring together different people from different lands to one place to dine and experience something that is new and rare. Here are some cool places to visit from around the world.

Meal for two in Noma

This restaurant held the number one spot for three consecutive years but lost in 2013. But now it has managed to top the charts once again. This may not be like top restaurants Geelong but it still does cater to a range of menus that offer various flavors and exotic dishes of Denmark.  Holding on to the old rustic look, this place is situated in an ancient whaling granary and is known to be the birthplace of new Nordic dishes that made by using ingredients that come from the residing place itself. But all these were back in the old days, now they have introduced dishes like whole kohlrabi with fermented juice, that tastes and appears like coconut juice. It also has a traditional Danish fritter which is called aebleskivers, coated with a sauce made of fermented grasshopper and a desert made of plum puree, potato and almond. It does sound rather disgusting especially with the grasshopper guts and all… but some totally dig the menu and so it has managed to top charts. They sure must have innovative and amazing chefs to make this work! And so, here a meal for two basically costs about $600 and if you are into exquisite cuisines, you should totally check this place out, if you were to visit Denmark, that is!

Meal for two in Celler De Can Roca

This is a place run by three brothers who are also head chefs in charge of different areas. It is situated in Spain and the cost here for a meal for two is about $390 to $480. The amazing diner has a rather beautiful dining arena and has a diverse menu set out for its clients. A dessert named Messi’s Goal named after the legendary football player Lionel Messi, and other delicacies based primarily with the Mediterranean touch and flavor. The desert is designed with a candied terrain and white chocolate balls flying, with a side touch added with an iPod playing the roaring sounds of the crowd when a goal is scored by the player.

Someday you decide to travel the world, do make sure to drop into some of these places!