How Healthy are Your Food Storage Habits?

Do you think you are storing your food the right way? Well, there is a good chance that you may need to think again. The truth of the matter is that most people aren’t actually taught the right way to their fruits, veggies, and meat. This is why food can go bad quickly or be exposed to disease-causing agents. Now clearly, neither of these are pleasant thoughts. So, to make sure that you really are safeguarding yourself, go through these points to see if you really are safeguarding yourself from harm:

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Do You Keep Food in the Freezer Indefinitely?

This is something that we are all guilty of. It is easy to think of your freezer as being able to prolong the lifespan of all food for as long as necessary. Well, this is a myth. What a freezer actually does is to slow down the growth of bacteria considerably. However, it cannot do so forever. So, if you have kept certain items for a little too long, then it is time to toss them. Remember to not keep them in there for so long in the future. Also, don’t immediately consume food that has come from the freezer. Always make it a point to analyse the smell, colour, and texture first to ensure that it hasn’t spoiled.

Do You Over Stuff Your Fridge?

This, too, is something that most people do, especially for those first few days after a grocery shopping trip. Since you have so many items on hand, you figure that the best solution is to keep all of the food in the cooler so that it will not go bad. The problem with this is that when there are too many items in the fridge, the circulation within the space is greatly reduced. Therefore, all of the food isn’t properly chilled and it gives bacteria opportunity to grow and proliferate. So, try to avoid putting more than the fridge can hold to really keep your food safe.

Are You Storing Each Type of Food Properly?

Do you come home with your fruits, veggies, and meat and just place them all in the same place? While this may be quite easy for you to do, it isn’t the best course of action. Instead, you should do some research on how each individual items should be stowed. For instance, when you look up how to store carrots, you will find that they should not be mixed with apples or similar fruits. Doing so could actually cause the vegetable to spoil faster. As you can see, produce storage is not as intuitive as you may have imagined.

Are Your Storing Your Produce Immediately?

Foods that are perishable are prone to bacteria growth incredibly quickly. In fact, just leaving certain foods out for two hours could cause bacteria to start multiplying. This is why you should toss certain fruits and veggies in the fridge or crisper as soon as they have been brought home.

These questions will help you to figure out if you having been storing your food correctly for all these years or if your procedures need a quick and serious change.