Tips for Saving Money Eating Out in Australia

Eating out is one of the best things to do in Australia. Cities like Melbourne and Sydney are practically overflowing with restaurants serving all manner of cuisine from around the world. While delicious dishes are plenty, the price tags could be very high too. Not all foodies can afford eating at restaurants all days of the week. If you are an Aussie food lover on a budget, then here are several money saving tips for dining out:

Find Online Coupons

Many established eateries and restaurants offer coupons that many people fail to take advantage of. If you are a really dedicated foodie, you can sign up for various coupons via email or direct mail. But that can be annoying as you could end up getting a lot of spam email too. The best way is to browse for your ideal restaurant coupon online on discount sites. You will definitely be able to find coupons offering discounts on various days, dishes, or wines. Always be on the lookout to get the best deals. There are seasonal coupon offers during the in-between months that you can definitely take advantage of.

Take Advantage of Specials

Restaurants and eateries offer Happy Hour and early bird specials where you may not have spend as much to try out a new dish. Early bird specials are often the best because prices are low for meals served early in the day. In contrast, evening meals tend to be priced high because that’s when most restaurants attract crowds. The earlier you can dine, the better.

Dine with Many Friends for Super Discounts

If you can find a dozen or more people to dine with, you may be able to secure a discount with the restaurant. Various eateries offer group discounts, mainly with students and office workers in mind. Additionally, you will get the advantage of splitting the bill with many other people. So find others who love dining out as much as you to get the price advantage offered to crowds.

Avoid Ordering Beverages

To keep the bill low overall, do not order beverages with your meal. The standard drinks like tea, coffee, soda, and even bottled water have premium price tags at restaurants than anywhere else. So if you are there to eat a meal, don’t order drinks. Instead of ordering bottled water, ask for glasses of water. Even ordering a can of Pepsi may come with an additional cost. Restaurant menus are designed to make a killing off of beverage orders, so better avoid that trap.

Avoid the Busy Days

Dine out meals on days like Fridays and Saturdays are usually expensive. These are the days when everyone goes out to eat, so menus are pricier. Mondays and Tuesdays, on the other hand, are good days to enjoy dinner at a good place. Avoid having breakfast out on Mondays, because that can be expensive. Prices are usually down during non-busy hours at restaurants.

Last but not least, avoid planning dinners or other meals at sports bars or similar places with TVs. What’s going to happen here is that you will end up watching TV and mindlessly ordering snacks, racking up a hefty bill. You could end up doing this even with friends. So, go to a diner where you can focus solely on the food, and mind the bill